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Software Tools for the electronics development process – an overview

In every step that leads to a PCB the right software can offer great support for the developer. This article provides an overview of such tools.

The Internet of Things

IoT will make our world smarter by merging the digital and physical world. Learn more about the requirements and opportunities to change in our lives.

All the way up — Cloud Computing und Modularisierung

Modulares Arbeiten ist in Verbindung mit Cloud Computing die Zukunft der Elektronikentwicklung. Der Fortschritt erfordert neue Arbeitsweisen.

The CAD-Tool-Migration-Phobia

Migrating a CAD-tool into another one or a new version can demand great effort. This challenge can be tackled by through planning.

Ressourcenplanung In Der Elektronikindustrie

Ressourcenplanung ist ein wichtiger Teil des Projektmanagements. Fachkräftemangel ist dabei eine große Herausforderung seitens der personellen Ressourcen.

Mehr als nur ein Test: Der Turing-Test

Celus provides state of the art electronics engineering Software as a Service. With Celus Automation software we eliminate dull optimization work and...

Ten steps from the idea to a PCB

10 steps from idea to a PCB. Learn how the CELUS Engineering Platform can transform your business

Creating PCBs: the heart and brain of electronics

Celus provides state of the art electronics engineering Software as a Service. in this article you´ll learn about how to create PCBs.

Human brain as role model: Deep Learning

The human brain as a role model. Deep learning is an integral part of many AI applications nowadays

We are hiring! Skills shortage in industrial countries

We are hiring! Skillshortage in the elctronics engineering industry is a huge challenge. Learn how to tackle it with CELUS