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Interview with Integration Engineer, Andrei Militaru

Andrei Militaru is Integration Engineer at Celus. As such he does great work and we are happy that he is part of our team! He is always up for some interesting facts about his home country Romania, which we highly appreciate in our international team. Also, he is into visual effects as you will see in the following.

Hi Andrei, thanks for having the time for some questions about you. Would you quickly introduce yourself first?

I am a software developer, whose career mostly revolves around Garching Forschung Zentrum. I studied Informatics for three and a half years on the TUM campus in Garching, my first full time job was also here and now I am back to work at Celus :D

We now want to get to know you a little bit better. As XR is a great passion of yours — what would you consider as the most fascinating thing about it?

It allows users to see the world from a different perspective and let their imagination manifest in the real world. It is not only designed for entertaining, but for example there are plenty of medical applications that use AR for better performance during surgeries. You can find some interesting information in this video:

We know you like doing Instagram filters! Could you show us your latest one?

I am into visual effects in general and I tried to learn a bit more about it during the lockdown…

Here is my best:

I also obtained the German citizenship this year and I got it during the COVID-19 lockdown. It was funny that I had to promise to obey and respect the German Grundgesetz while wearing a mask on. This is what I did with the inspiration out of this situation:

What does your typical workday look like? What are your tasks as an integration engineer at Celus?

My tasks involve making sure that the different software components at Celus work properly within a system. Sometimes I need to develop features by myself, but most of the time I need to test subsystems and fix all issues that may appear.

What is the central challenge of your work?

Working on Windows… :D

Which advice would you give yourself ten years ago?

Go out more and try out new things!